Factory Tøyen is a creative center and facilitator of design, events, and food experiences at Tøyen, one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Central Oslo.


With its characteristic chimney and rusty-red brick facade, the big old textile factory is a true embodiment of Norwegian industrial history. Now the building is being transformed into a curator of content and experiences, and has been renamed Factory Tøyen. Oslo’s new creative junction is being created at this moment, one initiative at a time. 


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The old factory building, dating back over 100 years, is undergoing a complete renovation. We are upgrading the facilities to meet today’s modern standards, while keeping the iconic appearance and character. 


In addition to our 2 000 sqm state-of-the-art coworking space, we are offering event space suitable for most event types and sizes, restaurant and retail space, a photo studio, and regular office space, with expected completion in 2019. 

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Estate: The Devil Is In The Detail (NO)


Date: 12/12-2018 

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